About The Future GeekStars Programme

What's this really about?
Future GeekStars is a Geekulcha initiative that was officially launched 06 October 2014 at The Innovation Hub. It is used as a platform to monitor the progression of learners from high school to tertiary level and then to the job market so that the transition is made easy.

The main focus is on skills development and fostering entrepreneurship and innovation that will make them be active leaders of the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry.

Preparing learners to be Better Students and leaders of our socio-economic structures, a future of active Geeks.

Achieving a state of greater skills capacity and have more Producers than Consumers.

Geekulcha VacWork: See what it's like to work in the ICT industry, get mentored and work with Geekulcha Geeks

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Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Giving youngsters a platform to showcase their skills and talent on a global scale.

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744 Scholars Participated Since 2014

47% Female | 58 Projects/Prototypes | 4 Provinces | 29 Volunteers | R118K+ in competitions | 6 Startups

Associated Programmes

Initiations in line with the VacWork programme

SkateHacks Initiative

Using skateboarding to build more youth interest into Science and Technology. SkateHacks programme takes coding and making to skate parks - putting sensors onto the skateboard to gather data.

FabLab Programme

The Youth Fab is a programme by The Innovation Hub and the City of Tshwane to grow youth entrepreneurship. The VacWork compliments the programme.

Bloodhound SSC

VacWork July in Rietfontein, Northern Cape was aligned with the Bloodhound SSC to get youngsters innovating and building solutions in preparation of the activities.

Project Development

Tech Knowledge

Career Development

University Students can Volunteer as VacWork Trainers

This is a Skills Redistribution programme, university students may volunteer to teach the young people how to code.

VacWork Activities

Things that happen during the VacWork programme


First day, youngsters come up with innovative solutions based on the theme

Product Development

Everyday, the teams(as companies) work building their product/service


Industry leaders help youngsters on career alignment and development


Each team present the types and number of jobs they would create with their product/service.

Final Presentations

Dressed in formal, all the teams present (Show&Tell) that they had been work on.

Tech Debate

8 teams battle it out on a digital debate for a trophy

Some VacWork Highlights

Youth ICT and Business VacWork

6 startups created and operated by the former VacWork scholars since 2015.

Mayor Kasim Reed

The Mayor of Atlanta City (USA) and his delegation, checked out the VacWork during his visit to South Africa in 2016.


Setting an Innovation mindset and implement innovative solutions


Redistributing acquired skills into the younger generation through guidance and understanding


A pltaform to be leadership and be people centered. Be a leader of our socio-economic structures.

Career Alignment

Industry leaders get to help you choose and follow the right path and passion.

GeekStars Space

Future GeekStars Hall of Fame

SABCNews Network: #gkVacWork

Why I love the Geekulcha VacWork

Scholars featured on SABC1

2018 Schedule


03 - 07 April

Northern Cape

09 - 13 July


09 - 13 July


01 - 05 October

The Curriculum Focus

At the end of the programme, youngsters will know how to build a tech startup. Business Analysis forms a great part.

Web Applications:
Coding a website or using open source frameworks/templates, produce the best site.

Play with Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Lego to make best hardware solutions

Mobile Apps:
Develop a mobile app (Android) based on a given theme using open source tools

Graphics Design:
Provide design services (logos, posters, pamphlets, etc.) to ther teams

Being Part of the #gkVacWork Programme

Why join the programme?

* Learn some cool ICT stuff
* Have an app to show your friends, be cool
* Work with other brilliant young minds
* Get mentored by some really cool geeks
* You get a certificate as a certified Future GeekStars


There will be no payments provided to scholars during the programme. Food, transport and computing resources WILL be provided by to you.

Taking Part at the VacWork

The programme is free and open to youngsters from 9 to 20 years old. Youngstes may apply on this page or go through the FabLab programme or a special application process by the partners.

University students may apply as volunteers to mentor/train the high scholars how to code and build tech startups.

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