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About Future GeekStars


Future GeekStars is an initiative that was officially launched 06 October 2014 at The Innovation Hub. It is used as a platform to monitor the progression of learners from high school to tertiary level and then to the job market so that the transition is made easy.

The main focus is on skills development and fostering entrepreneurship and innovation that will make them be active leaders of the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry.













The VacWork Focus Areas

Career Alignment


Innovation Development


STEM Excitation


Knowledge Transfer


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Support Future of the Geek Culture

Nurturing a Geek Culture of tomorrow

Funds Mentorship Technologies

Fab Lab

Geekulcha Student Society

Part of their STEM mandate is to co-host and champion the VacWork programme around them.

Fab Lab

Stay Youth Innovaiton FabLab

A programme by the City of Tshwane and The Innovation Hub drive youth Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Fab Lab

SkateHacks Initiative

Putting tech onto Skateboards to make them smart for Data Analytics and improvement.

Bloodhound Supersonic Car

VacWork Kalahari hosted in line with the super rocket car for STEM exctitation.

National Science Week

National Science Week

Annual South African National Science Week to build more interest into Science and Technology.

Info Security for Teenangers

Through the SafeHack initiative, the scholars are challenged to build with security in mind.


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